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Boora Bainne
With regret we are forced to close for the foreseeable due to vandalism that happened last night.
At 12.15 am two men in a dark coloured, two seater Ford Ranger with an 08 LS reg forced entry and damaged both machines, one beyond repair. They were seen driving towards Kilcormac after leaving here.
Know anything? Let us or the Birr Guards know.
An interesting fact worth noting is the two gentlemens literacy skills may be weak as it cleanly states on the bottle machine “card only”. They also didn’t read we were closed on Wednesdays so unlikely to be much cash here
Its worth pointing out that over 90% of customers pay by card and only a small amount of cash is left in the store at night in a coin box as a float, mostly 50c 20c and 10c pieces, which they stole.


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