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Boora Bainne

6th Class Tour

This morning we welcomed 6th class pupils from

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Future Direction

Update! So following our setback last year

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Sad News

With regret we are forced to close for the foreseeable due to vandalism that happened last night.

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New Flavour

Boora Bainne are introducing a brand new flavour to our products. 

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Bottle Crisis

Bottle crisis averted.

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Busy Parlour

A busy Milking Parlour here at Boora Bainne this morning

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Thank you

Big thanks to all who came to check out the new system over the weekend

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Boora Bainne Milk Company – a dairy company with an interesting twist – kicks off today (Friday, July 30), as it opens its milk vending machine service to the public to get milk – fresh from the cow.

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Almost There

We are making final preparations this week before opening the doors at 10 this Friday

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